Bio-Logically Enhanced Sound Technology

B.E.S.T. Layman's Term Description:

A bio-feedback systems research & development facility in Delaware, Ohio, ( GuestHouse Studio ), has recently unveiled its new sound enhancement process to the recording industry. The electronic system that produces the improved version of any master audio recording, was derived from the technology of Genesis™. The Genesis bio-entrainment module is used for relieving stress & tension while listening to music. It is the foremost type of bio-feedback system in the world.

The new sound enhancement system is named, B.E.S.T.™ This stands for Bio-Logic Enhanced Sound Technology. The name, Bio-Logic, represents the engineering of electronics and computer software to run the sound system in Genesis™. It was discovered that people were involved more with the music while having a session in the Genesis. The manufacturer realized that the electronics used for the Genesis playback experience, could be used for re-recording already completed CDs. They could then be replayed on a home, portable, or car stereo, providing more interactivity than without the re-recording enhancement process. Sophisticated software has fine-tuned this process, making the effects now even more powerful..

Extraordinary as it may seem, the level of involvement has proven to be profound. Tested listeners enjoying music with, or without the enhancement, agree that the enhanced version is far more engaging. The feelings and intentions of the recording artist can be heard and felt by the listeners. A richness and quality unknown until now, brings the listeners closer to the music. The result is a personal interactive audio experience.

GuestHouse Studio's recordings are post-mastered incorporating the interactive effects of B.E.S.T. Engineering can be supplimented by an 'enhancer' to give the impressive interactive characteristics a more personal quality. The enhancer simply listens to and feels the sound. Unique sensors detect the subtle energy field around the enhancer reacting to the music, which decodes the signals thru a computer for use by B.E.S.T.

The artist, or artists, can also participate in the enhancement process. One simply hears,feels and responds to the music much like being at a concert. The result is a final recording ready to be mass produced, having more warmth, depth and prescence. The emotional responses from listeners to the enhanced recordings have been amazing. The virtual-reality like characteristics of B.E.S.T. will have music fans all over the world re-listening to their favorite selections for years to come!