...Since ancient times, the power of music has been known to have "healing capabilities." In the beginning there was a beat, a rhythm, a resonance that allowed the body to hear as if the body itself was an ear. To hear with your body is a different experience altogether...

the COTYLEDON™, formerly known as GENESIS™, follows along the lines of this ancient tradition and redefines the experience of music as we know in a new and exciting way...and as music leaps into modern medicine, the possibilities are redefined by this mind-body experience.

The COTYLEDON BIO-ENTRAINMENT MODULE provides an interactive musical environment that facilitates the release of muscle and physiological tension known as muscle armoring, or as some might put it, the "letting go of stress." The COTYLEDON serves as a tool for DISCOVERY of new levels of awareness, and consciousness, plus the added bonus of an exhilarating musical experience which feels like having a "music massage."

The COTYLEDON is a large geometric structure called a cuboctahedron. This shape provides the perfect harmony for an InnerActive™ experience with the human energy field. You simply lie back on a bed in the middle of the COTYLEDON and music surrounds your body in an energy filled sound nest. Tone by tone relaxes muscle by muscle as you participate in a chain reaction of energy that facilitates the de-armoring of muscles and the pleasure of "feeling good."



The NEST, Naturally Enhanced Sound Transmission post-mastering environment, creates an extraordinary Bio-sonic™ palette for Guesthouse Studio audio Enchanters. A full body, holographic music experience delivers an omnidimensional sound field. Revealing the subtle acoustic characteristics, the Enchanter reacts to the audio input signals. These reactions are detected by sensors, which send midi-codes to a computer. The CPU determines a myriad of audio ingredients to be controlled that result in an interactive final recording. Thusly, the last process before mastering is achieved.

The cubeoctahedron shape is technically termed a vector equilibrium. According to the famous mathematician & structural designer, Buckminster Fuller, this shape is found in nature at the subatomic level as a meson. It was chosen because of its ability to transmit both acoustical and body vibrations in harmony. When using music to vibrate the shape, the Enchanter’s body energies and mass as well as the music, create forces exerted on the vector equilibrium. Because the music is basically fixed by the laws of presentation, while the properties of the shape are fixed, the difference is the Enchanter’s perception and the physical and mental response to their perception. The Ecnhanter becomes the phase difference of the natural dynamics. The perceived changes that take place are both psycho-illusionary and literal. The result of this synergy, is a recording that the listener not only hears, they also feel it! The depth of pleasure the listener experiences is unprecedented.

Please contact us for further details regarding the design, construction and specifications of our N.E.S.T.