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Bio-Logic Studio Labs
“Where body and mind make sound technology!”

GuestHouse Studio Facility

Genesis Bio-Entrainment technology originated in the Bio-Logic Studio audio re-mastering labs. Genesis, ( aka Cotyledon ), is the foremost music and sound Bio-Entrainment system and conscious-awareness training device of its kind in the world. The Genesis impressively enhances the artist’s audio creations. The resulting musical and or vocal compositions possess a dynamic intuitive quality at an unprecedented level when compared to any other production method. The essence of the artist’s composition will hence be effectively communicated to the listeners giving new depth to the medium.

Using technology originated at Bio-Logic Labs Facility in Columbus, Ohio, GuestHouse Studio, is enhancing music and sound recordings. The Bio-Logic technology used has the unique capability of deriving useful psycho-dynamic data from the Bio-Innergy Field of artists and enhancers as they experience their musical recording. The psycho-dynamic data is used to control digital and acoustic signal processing carried out by the Bio-Logic DSP Software. The result is an enhanced composition that can result in an unusually personal and powerful experience for listeners. The feelings, intent and personal dynamics expressed by the artist through their music, take on a richness of mood Innergy that makes listening to an enhanced recording feel as though one is experiencing live music with a friend.

Recorded music has generally concentrated on appealing to the audience’s ears and emotions with emphasis on bass, midrange and treble. The multi-dimensional capabilities of Bio-Logic Enhancement appeal to a far deeper level encompassing mind, body and consciousness. This process is achieved by utilizing revolutionary interactive Bio-Sensor technology. The hybrid analog / digital recording studio is configured to accept and decode this Bio-Sensor information into synthesis composition and automation data.

Although the actual technology of this process is quite complex, the studio is designed so that the Bio-Sensor processing is fully transparent requiring no special technological training on the part of the Enhancer, the Artist, or enhancement individual or group. They simply feel, perceive and respond by using the instinctive faculties that are at the root of their creativity. The resulting feelings and creative expression are directly encoded into the recording, triggering an analog experience for the final listener to enjoy in a personal relationship with the music

During re-mastering, Bio-Sensor information is used to control a system of DSP (digital signal processing) software and acoustic signal processing functions. The Producer / Artist / Record Label may elect to enhance original material in the studio, or re-master an older catalogue to a achieve a spectacular sonic palette. The Bio-Sensors co-create both sounds and musical passages otherwise unattainable. The limitations of the enhancement process are dictated only by the artist's / enhancer's imagination and interactive experience.