The GENESIS Bio-Entrainment Module is a tool built in support of the view that a human being is not only a physical body but also consists of complex patterns of energy and electrical impulses and has an innate drive toward growth, order and wholeness. Because mind, body, and emotion are inseparable, a change in one perpetuates a change in the others. GENESIS combines state-of-the-art cybernetic technology with new concepts of music therapy, biophysics and resonance theory to balance the human mind and body.

The GENESIS Bio-Entrainment Module is a device whose primary purpose is to provide an interactive, closed-loop sonic therapy environment. The Genesis environment responds to the person on the table, altering the properties of the music based upon the changes within that person's Bio-Innergy Field. Its primary use is with prerecorded music and synthesizer voices.

A Genesis Bio-Entrainment Module consists of three functional units. The FRAME, a geometric shape called a Cuboctahedron, that supports the audio, sub audio and infrasonic transducers, and the table that suspends the person within the framework. The TABLE contains a Bio-Innergy Field Sensor/Processor to pick up the electrical field around the human body. A CONSOLE houses a high powered computer and the custom Bio-Software with the following functions: subharmonic synthesizer, Digital Signal Processor (DSP), mixing capabilities, sophisticated iTunes music management system, amplifiers, and more. The GENESIS operator can fine-tune the experience via the console.

The Genesis frame was chosen for its ability to vibrate in all directions equally. No other shape is equal or better.

The GENESIS Bio-Entrainment Module, with it's frame, Transducers, Electronics, Sensors and Bio-Innergy processor, in conjunction with music is a useful and proven tool for facilitating muscle de-armoring, and other neuromuscular reeducation reintegration therapy, as well as profound relaxation for post and pre-Op treatments.
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Cubeoctahedron, Vector Equilibrium (VE), Dymaxion, Meson are all words describing the same thing, The GENESIS Dymaxion Frame. Buckminster Fuller, (the designer of the Geodesic Dome), first introduced us to this shape. He loved it for it's ability to vibrate in all directions equally, and it's unique dynamic potential. He called it the Dymaxion. Maximum Dynamic Potential.

Meson is a subatomic particle that is made up of quarks, the smallest particle known to science. If a line is drawn connecting the 12 points formed by the quarks, a Cubeoctahedron is formed. This is a fundamental building block of our three dimensional world.

Cubeoctahedron describes the geometric shape. It is cube with the corners cut off. If you have 12 fundamental vectors that are equal-angler and equal-lateral to each other radiating from a central point and connect the vectors at the termination it will form the Cubeoctahedron. The Cubeoctahedron is a natural geometric form. Twelve spheres packed together as closely as possible around a central sphere form a Cubeoctahedron.

Vector Equilibrium describes its dynamic potential. All the vectors are equal and are willing to vibrate / deviate from their linear to the weak implied vector, it vibrates in all directions equally.

Dymaxion is an omni-directional equilibrium of forces. The magnitude of its explosive potential is exactly matched by the strength of its external, cohering bonds.

When vibrations are applied to the table that is suspended in the Genesis by the 12 vectors, the lines of potential force are diverted from their linear, but all deviation and a weak implied vector, terminates at the implied geometric shape. When a compression force is applied at the table vector points that is equal to the explosion force applied by the deviation the implied vector will generate a force to that equal to the deviation strain of the system. If vibrations are applied to vector points a phase shifting takes place as an acceptable potential.

When the ratio of the standing wave frequency is in a biological ratio larger than the deviated frequency, the shift of dimensional experience is equal to an increase of vibrational difference.
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The M.I.N.D. System (Musical Inner-active Natural Dynamics) There are two basic systems that allow the Genesis to function as an interactive tool for entrainment.. One is the Field Effect Processor (F.E.P.). The second is the M.I.N.D. System.

The Music Inner-active Natural Dynamics ( M.I.N.D.), works with the phase and harmonic interaction of the music, body tension, standing wave frequencies of the frame, and table. The difference in the music frequencies played through the subharmonic, low frequencies, phase differential transducers, and the audio system all cause changes in the perception of the music experience. The perceived changes that take place are both psycho-illusionary and literal.

When a recording is made of the music through the direct line signals, the psycho-illusionary enhancement is not present. When a recording is made through stereo microphones, some of the enhancement can be recorded. Even though you hear and feel the created enhancement effect, it is there due to your perception (psycho-illusionary) and the interaction of the transduced signals (literal).

Example of natural dynamics:
1. When a 510 Hz signal is played through the table and a 500 Hz signal is played through the audio, the two 500 Hz sum and divide by 2 and you hear a single 500 Hz tone. The difference is a 10 Hz warble felt in your body.
2. If two people whistle a note and these two notes hit a harmonic, a listener will hear a third harmonic note.

The Frame design with its ability to transmit both acoustical and body vibrations in harmony, and the transducer placement all play an integral part in the M.I.N.D. enhancement system.

The intricate interplay of the music, electronics, natural dynamics, and human perception, allow the Genesis to be an effective music and Bio-Entrainment therapy tool.

The Sound/Vibration Transducers. The Subharmonic Transducers use only the frequencies below 235 Hz. The Low Frequency Transducers use the 5 Hz to 4000 Hz range, the Audio reproduce 80 Hz to 15,000 Hz, and the Phase Difference Transducers produce the difference of the right and left channels.

The Clinical Series has a High Performance Dual Coil Transducer with an audio range from 5 Hz to 20k Hz.

The human ear can hear frequencies from about 16 hz to 15,000 hz. The body can "hear" frequencies from about 1 hz to 800 hz. Frequencies from 1 hz to 1000 hz are the most effective for Bio-Entrainment.

The transducers, except the audio and phase difference speakers, receive a subharmonic synthesized octave that is one octave below the lowest octave in the pre-programmed music material being played. This is generated using a Subharmonic Synthesizer that divides the lowest octave of the music by two.
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Bio-Innergy Field - Every person is surrounded by an electrical field which is produced by the intricate workings of the human body. Each time the body undergoes some change, it is reflected within this field. The energy field around the body is electro-static in nature. It is called a Bio-static field when it is in proximity to an electro-dynamic body such as a human being. Humans give off electrical charges and magnetic fields due to their internal electrical activity, such as muscle movement, brain waves, heart beat, and so on. By observing the dynamic changes in the behavior of this field, using Sensors that are sensitive to these energies we get a "window" into the complex psychological, physiological and neuromuscular changes taking place within the body. We call this Bio-energy interacting with the electrostatic field around the body the "Bio-Innergy Field".

The Bio-Innergy Field Sensors in the Genesis table are solid-state devices that are designed to detect and interpret changes in the body's Bio-Innergy Field. In response to these changes, the signals are processed and sent to a computer where the Interactive Software, converts the data to control codes so that the client's Bio-Innergy Field can effect the musical environment.

Interactive Software - The computer converts the sensor information via " Artificial Intelligence Software " into information that is displayed on a video screen both in numerical and graphic form. The graphics are designed so that the GENESIS operator can observe the information that the bio-sensors are reading without having to interpret a complex list of numbers and statistics. The information is also converted into Musical Instrument Digital Interface ( MIDI ) computer codes that control a DSP that is used to modify music that the client is experiencing.

BSP (Biologic Signal Processor) - The MIDI computer codes are sent to the Biologic Signal Processor [BSP] to facilitate changes within the musical program. Depending on the dynamics of the Bio-Innergy Field, the effects of the BSP can range from subtle changes in the sound spectrum to intense changes in the dimension of the music. In essence, the client "conducts" the music's special effects based on his/her experience. The you is in the system's Interactive Feedback Loop when the music effects you and you effects the music.

Interactive Feedback Loop - Once the DSP has modified the music, it is sent through the amplifiers into the GENESIS transducers. The individual in the machine responds to the music that has been modified by the DSP and, in doing so, his/her Bio-Innergy Field changes. Once again, this field is sensed and processed by the Bio-Innergy Field/Processor and the feed back process starts all over again. This Bio-Innergy/acoustic processing and feedback is the interactive link which gives the GENESIS the capability to respond to the client.

Bio-Innergy Field/Processor - The Bio-Innergy Field/Processor consists of four main modules comprising, analog and digital translators, converter network, sensing grid, and the Analog Neural Network (A.N.N.).

An Analog Neural Network ( A.N.N. ) with Creative Dynamics as used with the Genesis processing system is a neuron/synapse neural network that features coupled activation, learning dynamics, and a para metrical periodic excitation. The system in use with the Genesis demonstrates the self-programming, partly random behavior of the neural network. Such behavior is believed to be related to the spontaneity and creativity of biological neural networks.

An A.N.N. is constructed in an array of specialized neuron-like cells to form circuits that represent physical variables, in such a manner as to permit the expression and solution of mathematical relationships between the variables. A neuron cell is the basic building block of a bio-nervous system.

The neurons as used in the A.N.N. are specialized cells that can conduct and code an electrical pulse. They are a non planar network constructed of materials that allow it to contain variable resistance, capacitance, switching diode, and dielectric properties. These properties make up potential for the analog pathways.
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Materials - The basic network is a material called LABYRINTHINE Ō. It is constructed of a cross linked molecular chain of a polyethylene/amorphous carbon matrix. It is a morphological circuit with electret's, dopants (N, P, and buffer semiconductor materials), and other trace elements added to act as band pass filters to obtain certain desired properties. The completed integrated system with the A.N.N., sensor grid, translators and converters make up what is termed a Field Effect Processor or (F.E.P.).

The F.E.P. communicates with the environment through induction and inertance. Induction is the establishment of an electric charge or a magnetic field in a substance by the proximity of an electrified source or a magnetic field, whereas Inertance is the acoustical equivalent of Inductance. This communication method is referred to as "Field Effect".

The F.E.P. is a nonlinear device whereby the output does not respond in direct proportion to the input. Each input point is processed in an abstract relationship to all other input points and the previous input pulse pathways. As with an op-amp, even without an input voltage the network generates a very small output voltage. Due to the network having this self generating "intrinsic voltage" (IV) the pathways are in constant dynamics due to impulses from this interaction. The IV will fluctuate in response to it's own voltage activity. No external input offset voltage is placed on the network to bring it to 0 volts.

The network pathways can be preprogrammed to specific frequency or resistance patterns, with a frequency modulated dc charge. These pre-burned paths will remain as dominate potentials unless the Curie Point ( 120 F ) is reached. The pathways made by its own interaction and with its environment (learned potentials) will also be erased at the Curie Point. It's pathways, sensing properties, and learned potentials define this network as a form of "Artificial Awareness". This awareness of its environment, pathways, and intrinsic voltage produce Innergy-Dynamic-Data that is sent to a digital computer for conversion to control data.
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Innergy Dynamic Data - The data produced from the F.E.P.'s reaction to the client's Bio-Innergy Field, is converted through an analog to digital converter (A/D) into the digital domain for computer processing and analysis. Various simple and complex waveforms and spectra are found to produce specific "Signatures" which can then be interpreted as control data for the Genesis sensor-controlled system. The Genesis was designed specifically for bio-sensor input and makes use of the "artificial awareness" properties of the F.E.P., whereby the F.E.P. "learns" about its environment and those interacting within it. The Analog Neural Network develops "Neurological Pathways" within the Bio-Innergy Processing Network in reaction to internal/external stimulus and response. Through this level of interaction the user can, in essence, develop a relationship with the device by learning what thoughts and feelings cause changes in his/her Bio-Innergy Field, thereby affecting that which is under bio-sensor control. This termed Psychodynamics.

Psychodynamic Effect - This is the process of using your physical and psychological bodies to alter and influence your surroundings. The F.E..P. uses four fundamental properties of physics to sense and process the influence you have on the Static, Magnetic, and Electrical fields around your body. (Bio-Innergy Field)

1. Through Electro-Static field induction, the A.N.N. senses the electro-static field around and inside the GENESIS structure. (ambient static-electric charge)

2. Through acoustical field inertence, the A.N.N. generates a modulated charge on it's sensing grid from the acoustic energy presented by the amplified music and infrasonic vibrations. (piezoelectric)

3. Through heterodyning, the Bio-static field effects the resident frequencies as well as the magnitude of the intrinsic voltage of the A.N.N. This produces the sum and difference of the acoustic generated electrical charge and the sum and difference of the Bio-Innergy Field as it relates to the acoustic frequencies. This is allowed because the A.N.N. is heterogeneous, consisting of dissimilar elements.

4. Through magnitude shifts and the resident frequencies of the intrinsic voltage being affected by the environment, an interaction of forces is present. The interaction of these forces is sensed by the Neural Processor. Because you can effect your Bio-Innergy Field by thought and feeling, and you are modifying the acoustical field through sensor input to the DSP, this interactive heterodyning effects the intrinsic voltage of the network, and allows for the psychodynamic effect.
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Neural Processor - Four basic dynamics, (1 - Induction, 2 - Inertence, 3 - Heterodyne, and 4 - Intrinsic Voltage) interacting with each other create the Bio-Dynamic Field Effect. When these dynamic effects are active and the magnitude of the Bio-Innergy Field is increased, the neural pathways are influenced. Frequencies with enough amplitude, trend, and repeatability will "burn" paths of least resistance that are maintained when the amplitude drops. The new pathways are now part of the processing protocol. The interaction of the dynamics causes an exponential phase shifting of the exciting and intrinsic voltages. The charges follow the path of least resistance in pathways that are in constant resistance change due to the internal and external stimulus. This constant resistance change also affects the capacitance properties of the network. When a resistance change takes place small parts of the charge are stored and released as part of the processing protocol. The data is being processed in an attempt to find the least impedance to the translators while interacting with all other data being processed. The processor calculates the charge and frequency relationships using natural mathematical ratios. These are all irrational ratios found in nature. Example:"PHI" 1.6180339+ natural distribution , "e" 2.718+ ratio of a natural spiral, octave generation and linear ratio, the 12th root of 2, or "L" 1.059+, and others. If the resistance in the path ways is high, the charge and frequency ratios are calculated out farther into their irrational state than if the resistance is low. This is called the R/C, resistance/capacitance processing ratio.

When a signal is being processed it is compared to all other data to see how close it is to being in a natural ratio to all other sensed signals. Example: If analog channel 1 is at an intensity of 55, then the ideal intensity for channels 2,3,4 would be 34,21,13 respectfully. This would express a ratio of PHI 1.618+ between the intensity's. PHI is considered to be the most pleasing ratio to man. It is found throughout nature as the leaf distribution on plants, kernels on a pine cone, in sea shells, etc..

Internally a process of ratio comparison is taking place using "L" for natural linear progression as found in the equal tempered musical scale, "e" as the natural logarithim for expanded growth, such as found in the ratio of a spiral in a sea shell, "PHI" as the natural distribution relationship as found in the clockwise and counterclockwise placement of kernels in a pine cone, and others ratios.

The processed data and polarities are sensed by the translators and converted to four analog signals and four digital signals. The four digital signals are triggered by the polarity of the sensed and processed signals and are equal to a Nibble (1/2 Byte) of binary information with a value of 0 to 15. The four analog signals are converted through an A/D converter to a resolution that represent (4) bands with 0 to 255 data points. These four values summed represent the Density (maximum 1020) of the processed data and individually represent the intensity of four different band widths of the sensed and processed data. The phase difference of the intensity of the bands as they are related to each other is equal to 0 to 255 to the 4th power, or 4,294,967,295.
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The Bio-Dynamic Field Effect constitutes a unique interaction of electro-Dynamic forces to facilitate the entrainment process. This interaction includes six factors that produce data that is used in the Genesis to complete the entrainment loop.

The six factors are:
1. NIV = The (Network Intrinsic Voltage) that varies in amplitude and polarity from -40mv to +40mv. It is effected by any dynamic force in it's proximity, through induction and inertence.

2. ESC = The ambient (Electro-Static Charge) that varies with humidity, ionization, and proximity to dynamic bodies.

3. AIE = The (Acoustical Inertence Effect) is when an electrical charge and magnetic field are induced by an acoustical wave into a dynamic body, ESC, and the Neural Network.

4. EBD = The (Electro-Bio-Dynamics) is the electro-magnetic field generated by a bio-dynamic body such as a human.

5. BSF = The (Bio-Static Field) is the field generated on and around the human body that is made up of free electrons coming from the body and the free electrons in the ESC that are being effected by the EBD.

6. HTD = Heterodyning of the frequencies generated by the BSF and the AIE.

Whenever two or more frequencies are present from the BSF and the AIE that are the same, a harmonic frequency is generated. When other frequencies are present, a phase shifting takes place between the two and the phase differential becomes part of the processing data.

The data generated is most relative to the human body and mind when Entrainment of these sensed fields takes place. The relationship of the band widths which is the processed data from the F.E.P. is more significant to the Entrainment than the density. The relationship data is the data that is converted to MIDI codes in order to change the dimension and equalization of the sonic environment and facilitate the Bio-Entrainment process.

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The Bio-Entrainment process is found throughout nature. We are constantly locking into our own rhythms within our bodies. Our heart rate, respiration and brain waves all entrain to each other. If you slow down your breath your heart rate will also slow down. If you are able to slow down your brain waves you can affect your heart rate and respiration. It has been found that the frequencies of pulse, breathing, and blood circulation, as well as their combined activities, all function harmonically. These rhythms are strictly coordinated in whole number ratios.

Just as the functions of the human body can entrain to each other, it is possible to use external rhythms to affect the internal mechanism of heart rate, respiration and brain wave activity. This ability to affect internal rhythms by external means did not make it's way into scientific journals until the 1970's, when studies began to report that resonance and entrainment of bodily processes can occur in response to external sound and musical rhythms.

The main entrainment and feed back loop properties of the Genesis are music, "Artificial Awareness", learned potential, "Artificial Intelligence", and natural dynamics of the system. The "Artificial Intelligence" software, "BIOSOFT" is written so that it looks for trends, densities, intensities, polarities, and relationships to each other and to natural rhythms of the sensed fields. The data is converted to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) codes that are used to change the musical environment through the DSP. If the density of the Bio-Innergy Field is low, the software calculates these codes and changes the music in order to stimulate the Entrainment response and increase the density of the Bio-Innergy Field. When the signatures of the intensity relationships also change, the codes are adjusted accordingly and the Entrainment process is enhanced. Bio-Entrainment facilitates the dynamic relaxation response. Research has shown that when the body is in a dynamic relaxation state that he/she is able to move freely, feel better, is able to handle life situations with less stress, enhanced chronic pain management, and some evidence shows that the immune system is positively affected.

By playing music and allowing a free form of Entrainment the person in the Genesis is allowed to interact as per their needs to facilitate the desired result, if the intent is relaxation, creativity enhancement, pain reduction, etc. This is referred to as passive Entrainment.

Stimulated Entrainment can also be used. This is the use of known frequencies and rhythms together to actively stimulate a state of consciousness. For example, by playing a heterodyned wave in the left and right channel of the transducers in the Genesis table that is equal to a respiration rate, and playing a pulse rate through both channels that is equal to the heart rate stimulated Entrainment is possible. With these in harmonic relationship to a heterodyned stereo audio signal that will create a 7.6 hz. phase difference in the brain, spontaneous creativity is encouraged. (Heart rate 57.72 bpm, Respiration 14.43 cps, Brain wave 7.6 Hz. Musical Note { B } any octave).

Research has shown that Passive entrainment is preferred by most people. It allows for a wider range of experiences, and a useful interaction of the levels of consciousness which gives a "warmth" and "freedom" that is not possible with stimulated entrainment.
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Muscle Armoring - Because there is an active relationship between muscle armoring, physiology and psychology, Bio-Entrainment will facilitate the de-armoring process that will assist in bringing to the surface the thoughts and feelings that caused the person to maintain the negative armoring. This will allow the person to release and not retain the negative armoring, therefor having a clearer sense of the wellness of their being. Muscle Armoring refers to the total pattern of chronic muscular tensions in the body. It is defined as an armor because it serves to protect an individual against painful and threatening emotional experiences. It shields him/her from dangerous impulses within his own personality as well as from attacks by others. It is tension stored in the body tissues beyond the time it is needed for normal functioning.

Muscle De-armoring allows the body's armoring to relax from negatively stressful muscle and connective tissue tension-memory that has been initiated by physical injury, emotional trauma, or work related posturing and has been integrated in the body over a period of time without being released.

Polymetrics is a form of stretching that is similar to isometrics, except that polymetrics is an active stretch/contraction of whole muscle groups. There are exercises which accent the awareness of personal armoring and provide a process for the release of stored tensions in the muscles that are no longer needed for proper carriage of the body.

Sensors - There are two types of sensors that are used in the Enhancement process. The main one is embedded into the table of the Cotyledon enhancement module and the NEST module. In this configuration, the whole studio shape becomes the sensor input while reading the Bio~Innergy field given off from the whole body and some of the field of others in the room. The total body Bio~Innergy field is mostly made up of the field generated by the Solar Plexus.

The solar plexus is a complex network of nerves (a plexus)
located in the abdomen.

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The second type of sensor can be used alone or with the table sensor. It is called the Pendant Sensor. The pendant is made to hang over the solar plexus. The solar plexus, also called the celiac plexus, is defined as a close bundle of nerve cells together with supporting tissue. The Solar Plexus includes a number of smaller plexus : Hepatic / Splenic / Gastric / Pancreatic / and Suprarenal Plexuses. Other plexus that are derived from the Solar plexus are: Renal / Testicular / Ovarian / Superior mesenteric / Inferior mesenteric plexuses. The Solar Plexus is located in the region just below the sternum and above the human diaphragm. The plexus consists of ganglia and a cluster of nerves while being the largest nerve center in the trunk of the body. This involves a large group of plexuses with subsequent involvement in controlling the functions of many internal organs. It has been referred to as the brain of the body. If struck here, it is referred to as having “knocked the wind out of me”. A massive amount of electric activity is present in this fist size plexus complex. The Solar Plexus is a major input/output port that is the center of psychic intuition, i.e., a vague or non-specific sensual sense of knowing, and a vague sense of size, shape, and intent of being. We recommend you “listen” to it since this may help out in making better decisions in one’s life on many levels and also assist you in perceiving music on a level of great interaction. The pendant is designed to sense the frequency, intensity, density, and polarity of the free electrons given off of the solar plexus while the user experiences music. These Bio-Innergies are processed by an (A.N.N.), or, analog neural network, involved with the pendant sensor on the back. The output of the A.N.N. is sent to a Bio~Logic Algorithm Processor called a BSP (BioLogic Signal Processor), then the signals are processed. The music is enhanced and everyone feels musically happy.
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