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In order to participate in the GUESTHOUSE STUDIO R&D PROGRAM, it will be necessary to include the simple, brief questionnaire located at the bottom of the page in your email. If accepted by by our staff, a Guesthouse studio Enhancer will contact you. Insightful feedback from fellow field researchers will be posted for everyone to enjoy and learn from. The best way for us to provide our market with the highest caliber sound enhancement process, is to see what most successfully entrains and stimulates the listener. You can be an important factor in co-developing our enhancement process and potentially viable related technologies. We look forward to receiving your e-applications.

The B~E~S~T system has been extensively tested, fine-tuned and scrutinized in order to determine its transfer viability onto a master CD. This process occurs with accurate playback without losing the computer captured enhancement results in the post-mastering process. Entire re-mastered multi-genre albums and newly designed compilations will be available from retailers by the Fall of 2009.

Much of today's music is downloaded onto iPods and other MP3 players. Their inherent filtering systems remove a very high percentage of the musical content in order to fit them into the relatively small memory of most portable playback units. Also, smaller speaker diaphram headphones commonly accompany the players for listening. Seveal unique changes are made to the music during the Bio-Logic™ enhancement process. Traditional methods have included the adding of reverberation, flanging, bass harmonics and various other audio modifications. B~E~S~T changes the music with algorithms that are generated by by a Bio-Static field around the Enhancer's body.

The resulting changes are experienced most profoundly when being reproduced on a high-quality CD player & full range, high-performance sound system.

We invite you to be a part of our research & development regarding the downloading Bio-Logically enhanced music. We'll be exploring the downloading strengths and weaknesses, if any, as well as the playback characteristics of our post-master recordings in the MP3 format. Our preliminary findings indicate that the MP3 format for enhanced music is extremely viable. However, we do value your input. Ultimately, we want qualified participants who have experience, or those who are willing to develop their listening and critiquing skills for this study. Let us hear from you!

APPLICATION For Co-Research & Development With GUESTHOUSESTUDIO.Com

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