Where body and mind make sound technology.

There is nothing like the warmth, emotion, and excitement of interacting with live music. The B~E~S~T, (Bio~Logically Enhanced Sound Technology) system transforms recorded music, creating a warm and stimulating rapport that allows the listener to feel, live, and interact with analog excitement from new releases and old favorites...

The Guesthouse Studio is the final step in the process of creating an enhanced master recording. Using the Bio~Logic Entrainment System, B~E~S~T utilizes an Enhancer. This can be the original artist, studio enhancer, or select group of people, creating the transformation of recorded music into an enhanced experience. The music is embedded with the intent and depth of feeling that the listener references.

The studio includes the Bio~Logic Entrainment Module, Sensors and a Field Effect Processor that have the unique capacity for stimulating and capturing the Bio and Psycho~Dynamic~Innergy patterns generated in the electromagnetic energy field of the enhancers as they respond and experience the music within the interactive studio environment. Data from the Bio~Sensors is processed and sent to the Bio~Logic Signal Processor. The final result is an enhanced composition that provides a personal, powerful, stimulating audio experience.

The feeling and personal dynamics expressed by the Enhancer take on a richness via new stimulated references that make listening to the Enhancement as though one is experiencing live music with a friend.

When you become part of the music and the music becomes part of you, that is...
BioLogic Enhanced Sound Technology



B~E~S~T~Studio is a powerful audio format used at Guesthouse Studio. This software and hardware system and method uses algorithms developed over 30 years that senses the Bio~Innergy field around the human body and in field generated by the body in response to music as a stimulus. The Bio~Logic information generated by a listener provides control over parameters within the algorithms while dividing the original two channels of stereo into 8 channels of crystal-clear Enhanced surround sound mixed back down to Stereo so the Enhancement can be felt and reproduced with out any special decoders. This powerful interactive technology brings music to life facilitating Bio~Entrainment process. Bio~Entrainment means to become phase locked with the music. Once a recording is mastered with B~E~S~T~Studio Bio-Logic software, film sound tracks, broadcast, Cd's and DVDs, deliver unrivaled sound and feeling to audio systems for an exciting, enveloping Inneractive sound experience that can be felt with an intimacy previously not possible...

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